Deaf Services was a key stakeholder in the
development of government policy, particularly
surrounding the National Disability Insurance

14 Deafness Awareness Training sessions were delivered to 395 Local Area Coordinators and NDIA staff members.

Hear for Kids expanded into North Queensland, with over 3000 people joining in the program launch in Townsville.

Supported a range of events for the Deaf community, and
Auslan students across Queensland.

Deaf Services and The Deaf Lottery Australia aligned to deliver a more powerful social change message to all Australians.

The first Introductory Sign Language Book created by Deaf
Indigenous people was developed with support from Deaf Services.

Supported a range of events for the Deaf community, and
Auslan students across Queensland.

Deaf community supported through $114,000 in sponsorships and grants funded by The Deaf Lottery.


Hear for Kids now supports211
NDIS participants and 79 children
children through Hear for Kids in School.


The CommUNITY team provided 1472 clients with
1:1 Information and Referral services in person and
virtually, and addressed over 7000 information enquiries.

550 students received accredited Auslan training through Access  Training and Education and over
1000 first-time and beginner Auslan students took part in community classes. 

69 clients received support in North Queensland through Hear for Kids including support in Mackay, Mt Isa, Cloncurry, Bowen and Ayr. 

20,187 hours of interpreting jobs serviced, including 397 hours pro- bono.

The Lifestyle Support Service increased its client base by 77% since the introduction of the NDIS.

61 Deaf seniors received support through ‘Ageing Well’, with a view to expanding this scope to NSW. 

*RTO Provider number 41192


Staff training opportunities increased with the launch of the online Deaf Services Learning Community.

93 Auslan translation projects were developed totalling 249 individual videos. 

Deaf Services scored 6% above industry averages for staff passion in the 2018 Staff Survey.

HR, Payroll and Finance systems were centralised.

Automated NDIS clearing systems implemented to support seamless service delivery. 

5% growth in workforce to meet growing service needs and support internal business infrastructure.


7.83% surplus for the 2018/19 Financial 
Year as an organisation.

Further diversified Deaf Services’ income streams away from block government grants, with fee-for-service programs and fundraising totalling 75.17% of income. 

increase in equity, supporting a 
brighter future.

27.61% of service funds are attributable to the Deaf Lottery.

7.11% growth in The Deaf Lottery’s loyal supporter base, supporting the growth of Deaf Services programs.


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